Clay Bas-Relief Sculptor and Painter

Next Exhibition  - Baltimore, MD. Oct - Nov 2019

"Her skill all clarity are remarkable."


"Having found the medium of clay to be boundless in it's capabilities, I have felt enjoined by the material itself to explore limitless expression.

The diversity is born of my interior worlds - travel, historic architecture, landscape and anthropology. Ultimately however, what informs each sculpted bas-relief most strongly is a poetic perspective; a romantic wash that I brush upon them all, and all those who view them".

 - Juliet


"The pieces on view exert the exotic charm so prized by the Headley- Witney Museum"


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502-356 7336

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"Her pieces combine technical skill, an artist"s draughtsmanship and an art historian"s or anthropologist"s research."



Ms. Ehrlich is the principal sculptor for Louisville's new Lincoln Memorial as she was in charge of three of the four bronze reliefs (4' × 6' each).

The Memorial was unveiled on June 2009.

Lincoln's childhood

A panel that spoke to Lincoln's Kentucky connection - (The Parlor Scene)

The Civil War, (the split between the States)

"Juliet is a wizard! The piece she did for us has had a sensational response"

Bill Samuels, Jr.


The Lincoln Memorial in Louisville

"Your work proved to be the highlight of the Art in Embassy Program."

U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT (in reference to the International Art in Embassy Program).

Examples of Clay Bas Relief Sculpture 

"All artwork is a sojourn. It is a vehicle that moves us not only to place outside ourselves;
other towns, season, eras, but to places within; old remembrances and new longings both" | 410-547-9934

Juliet Ehrlich, a 60 year old native of New York, began her career at seventeen in New Zealand with an apprenticeship under Dutch Master, potter, Melis Van der Sluis.  

A self taught sculptor, Juliet's work spans 43 years and 6 continents. 

Her wall-hung, bas-relief clay murals, comprised of kiln-fired tile are characterized as both sculpture and painting at once.

Ehrlich's interest in anthropology and historic architecture mark her work with tremendous diversity.  It has become her trademark.  Her style ranges from figurative, to impressionistic, to contemporary, to classical.

Juliet has lived for extended periods in Indonesia, Turkey, New Zealand, and Italy, where she maintained a gallery selling her work exclusively.  She has traveled to Hong Kong, France, Singapore, Thailand, Greece, Germany, and Australia. 

She has taught, both here and over seas, and been invited to lecture on "The Art of Business: introducing broad, compelling eastern perspective to successful endeavor". 

Her work is in private and permanent collections world wide.

About Juliet

"Such is her talent that she can produce a replica of a rough textured primitive cave painting from along the Nile as easily as she can recreate the delicacy and sophistication of a Japanese brush drawing on rice paper"


What people say about Ms. Ehrlich

Juliet Ehrlich was the first artist nationally to be chosen for Arts and Antiques special series 12/99, and the only artist nationwide to have her four page feature reprinted 24 months later.

Master Potter, Bas-Relief Sculptor and Art Columnist.

Discovery Channel: Twenty features - Lynette Jennings and Home and Garden.

Invited to teach Bas Relief Sculture at the Scottsdale School of Fine Arts