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The National Museum of Italian American Heritage was born on April 11, 2017 and will open its doors in October 2018 at 5706 Bellona Avenue, Baltimore MD 21212

The purpose of the National Museum of Italian American Heritage is to document and honor the myriad of contributions made by the people of Italy and their descendants to the very fabric of American society from its earliest origins.

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The Italian Cultural Center of Maryland was founded in 1955 by Professor Regina Levi-Bianchini Soria, Dr. Raffaele Canevaro and Mrs Helen Knipp as Circolo Culturale Italiano  and incorporated in 1999 joining forces with than newly founded ItalCultura.

Professor Soria and Hon. Francesco Legaluppi, founder of Italcultura, decided to unite their efforts to be more incisive in promoting what people of Italy and their descendants were contributing in Maryland and especially in Baltimore City.

Professor Soria moved to the U.S. in 1940 and joined the Notre Dame college faculty in 1942, teaching Italian. A 1979 article in The Sun described her as a "a sturdy woman with a big smile, a living room populated principally with books and overstuffed furniture, a dedication to Italy and Italian culture, and a husky voice that gets a lot of exercise."

Prof. Soria was the first to point out what Italians have done in Baltimore when she organized in 1979, "The Marble Door," a conference about the influence of Italians in early Baltimore. In it, she discussed Enrico Causici, sculptor of the George Washington statue atop Baltimore's monument to the first president in Mount Vernon Place. She said she wanted the lectures to offset the negative image of Italians brought by The Godfather novel and films.

Prof. Soria’s efforts were first continued by Prof. Marcello Legaluppi and later by his son Hon. Francesco Legaluppi to this day as its chairman of the board.

Every day the Italian Cultural Center and its volunteers work to continue Prof. Soria’ s dream pointing out what people of Italy and their descendants are doing here in Maryland.

A memento of Professor Soria, the Center established THE REGINA LEVI-BIANCHINI SORIA AWARD that recognizes excellence in Philanthropy.

Since 1955 the Italian Cultural Center and its predecessors have been the leading organization promoting Italian American Heritage in Maryland for the community at-large.
The Italian Cultural Center Inc of Maryland is a 501C(3) charity registered in Maryland, promoting Italian Culture and Heritage in Maryland.


Monica E. Lapenta
Louis Miserendino
Marina Federiconi
Membership and Volunteers

Community Liason

Patricia Bramlet

Director of the Arts Program and Community Outreach

Gioia Milano

410 - 547-9934


Robert G. Baldassari
Jay I. Block, Esq.
Emilio Bramati
Ed Bosco
Liana Campanella

Martina Celi, Arts and Cultural Committee
Luisito Cercaci
Ana Cetina
Pina Culotta
Mauro Dal Bo
Father Lou Esposito (chaplain)
John R. Karlsen
Prof. Pier Massimo and Virginia Forni

Monica E. Lapenta, President
Francesco L. Legaluppi, Board Chair
Imelda Liberatore

Ernest Liotti
Joan Magnani

Marilena Marcantoni, Life is Beautiful Gala Co-Chair
Lou Mazzulli
John McLucas
Gioia Milano, Education Chair

Catherine Miserendino, Italian Language Promotion Chair

Louis Miserendino, Vice President
Anthony Montcalmo

David P. Silver

Maria Serafini, Life is Beautiful Gala Co-Chair
Dennis Weinman​
Morris Weinman |410-547-9934

A  special thanks to:

Ana Cetina
Councilman Bill Henry
Dina Fiasconaro
Flavio Sala
Fulvio Domenicali
Joan Reynolds
John and Stephanie Patti
Leila Kohler-Frueh
Leslie Wietscher
Lisa Cheeseboro
Luisito and Marina Cercaci​
Patricia Bramlet
Patricia Greco
Regina Ford
​Serena Guidone